Sunday, July 3, 2011

The secret is getting out.

We are starting to tell our family and friends that we are about to make this huge move.  Many are excited for us, but probably few can truly understand what we are going through.  We have to sell (or possibly rent) our house in a down economy and pack up everything we own and move. . umm, pretty far away.  We have so many good friends here and the memories we have made in this house are beyond what words can express.  I will always remember the place where I told my husband we were expecting our first child and the feelings we had as proud new parents bringing our son home.  Our little munchkin will certainly not remember this home, but we will never forget the first steps he took here.  Though he is napping now, I can almost here his laughter and wonder how long it will take him to say "home" as we pull up to the parsonage like he does at our home now.

I guess this is where we have to trust that God will supply all our needs, both physical and spiritual.  It seems like our journey is just beginning, but really we have been on this path for a while.  He has been preparing us for this bend in the road because He knew what was coming.  He will continue to be with us, just as He has in the past.  And that is reassuring.

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