Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Home Makeover: Parsonage Edition - Coffee Table and End Tables finished

Part of the fun of having a home is making it your own.  Even though we don't own the parsonage, we have been in the process of taking it from being a house that we live in to a home we enjoy. 

When we first were married, my husband gave me this long story about how he is not good with tools/building things.  Then we bought our first home, you guessed it, a fixer-upper.  We both learned. We made a lot of mistakes.  But even with a crawling toddler underfoot, we renovated our home from top to bottom.  Seriously, check out his baby pics and you'll see bare subfloors and half started projects (because we got most of our projects completed during his naps). 

We completely wore ourselves out with repainting our last home, so you will not see us doing any painting here at the parsonage - at least if I can help it. 

But my husband came across Ana White's website where she has tons of free furniture plans.  He started out easy and has worked his way up to more impressive projects.

So here is one of his latest projects taken from plans on her website.  This is the coffee table.

And he also made two of these end tables to match.  The cost of making them himself was way cheaper than buying these tables. Plus, it's kind of a sense of accomplishment to make them yourself. 

During this year, I am hoping to go room by room and focus on decorating a particular room each month. The living room has been my first order of business and then I will be working on our master bedroom.  I'll post pics to keep everyone up-to-date.  So stay tuned.

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