Saturday, February 16, 2013

Recent musings

I was looking around on the web to connect with other pastor's wives recently and came across an interesting article on the 9marks website.  Thabite Anyabwile wrote"Don't make your Pastor a Statistic?" and it definitely got my attention.  I'll admit, I am always fascinated by statistics and his article is full of them. But it was quite saddening to read these statistics because they demonstrate how tough it can be for a pastor.

In a lot of ways I feel so unprepared as a pastor's wife - to support him in a way that honors God.  I consider my children, "pastor's kids," and wonder what sort of challenges they will face as they live life "in the fish bowl" as one person I know calls it. 

I am reminded once again of how much I NEED Christ.

Not the cute, cliched sort of Christianity we often see posed for others to see.

But the real, raw, I-need-you-every minute, kind of faith that won't let go. 

And realizing that He is the One who won't let go - ever. Love that.

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