Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 12 Early to Rise Challenge: Waiting for a "normal" week

Last week we were gone for almost the whole week at a pastor's conference, but I was still able to get up early most of the days we were there.  But the long week, coupled with a few nights of staying up till midnight or 1 am (we had a great time talking and visiting with friends) has left us exhausted. It was all we could do to get up at a decent time this morning and those was only because my husband and I had to be somewhere by 8. 

I am still waiting for the "normal" week where everything goes according to plan, and my life fits into a predictable schedule.  I can pretty much hear the laughter.  Does anyone live like that!  Well, maybe there are some, but in our house things are always popping up.  That is life in the ministry.  And that is life for many of you of various other careers and seasons of life.

So we just do our best and keep our eyes on Christ.  I won't beat myself up for not getting up early this morning.  I will instead start now by prioritizing my day around those things which are most important, before any more time slips away.

No, I did not get up early today.  But this is not a wasted day.

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  1. hehe I am waiting for a "normal" week as well. Getting up early is tough, but definitely a good goal to have!


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