Monday, March 25, 2013

Easy Easter Cross Craft

I was looking for something super easy to do with our preschooler to help teach him about the Easter story and specifically the cross of Christ.  The craft that we were trying to do didn't work out so well. (think little boy, jumping around, short attention span)

So this is what we ended up with. . .much more our speed.  This is super easy and it will probably be free to make because it only requires a few things that you may already have sitting around.

Materials and supplies needed:
an empty cereal box
tissue paper of various colors
ribbon or string for hanging
glue, scissors, hole punch

  1. Cut out 2 crosses from empty cereal box and glue them together (printed sides together).
  2. Hole punch top of cross.
  3. Let your little helper spread glue on cross.  (and here's where it gets fun)  Rip squares of tissue paper (roughly index card size to give you an idea) and scrunch up into balls.  Place them all over the cross.  Add more glue as needed.
  4. Add a ribbon and allow to dry before you hang your work of art!

Since this project is so easy, you can focus on sharing with your child the significance of Jesus' death on the cross.  Since our son is so young, we try to grab teaching moments whenever we can.  And the emphasis is definitely on moments, because he is zooming on to something else before we know it. 

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.  Leave me a message if you are able to use this with your children whether at home or church or wherever!

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