Monday, March 18, 2013

Messy Monday - It's all in what you do about it

I have recently noticed that in our house, Mondays are the messiest.  We usually try to take extra time to relax as a family during the weekend (putting off housework) and on Sundays the mess continues to pile up as we have various responsibilities that keep us busy. I'm good with it.

 Anybody who knows me well, can tell you that I love to laugh.  Call it a coping mechanism, whatever.  But I enjoy laughing - even if it is at myself. So I thought it would be fun to post pics of the messes we find ourselves faced with on Mondays and then commit to tackling at least that one mess by the end of the day.

Why?  Am I just "lettin' it all hang out" and "keepin' it real"?  Eh, not really, that's not my style.  Sorry, I don't enjoy the thought of people coming into my home and being confronted by odd smells and scary looking piles of unwashed dishes. 

I want to do this for several reasons.

  • To encourage other busy moms to find their security in Christ and not in their perfect homes.  We need our security to be in Christ and our position in Him. We can't find our security in our sparkling clean home and perfect image - because those things can be ripped away from us in an instant.  God is the only One who will remain constant for us.  That is not an excuse to be lazy (far from it, in fact.)  As I am endeavoring to be more like Him, I will manage my time in a way that honors Him.  (That is so tough in our plugged-in age, something always seems to be begging for attention.)
  •  To encourage other busy moms that life happens. . .it is all in what we do about it.  Yeah, the house is a mess sometimes, but you can tackle it one room at a time.  Sometimes I look around and get discouraged and think "why bother"?  Start small and move on from there.  A trick that I started doing was starting with the living room.  It is the easiest place to straighten up and it is usually the only place anyone who is just "stopping by" may see.  (Now you know my secret - so don't tell.) We love to have people just drop in, but I could drive myself crazy if I felt that I had to have the entire house clean ALL the time. And in reality, nobody expects your house to be clean all the time - it is an unfair expectation we place on ourselves.  

 So here it is:

Here is our breezeway - the dump off spot for anything and everything.  I picked an easy one today because this will clean up in a snap.  I just needed a little nudge to get to it.


  1. Monday's are our day as well! It can be hard as we begin another school week and am faced with laundry and weekend mess. I am trying to live out the lessons I know about remaining calm and placing my confidence in God, doing one thing at a time, keeping my focus on I clean one spot at a time!! Thank you for your honesty.
    So glad I found your blog!

    Jen N
    Pastor's Wife in IL

  2. that's a great attitude to have - so often I am tempted to focus on what is in front of may and God becomes an afterthought. My blog is a work in progress, as I have time to invest in it. I just added a "contact me" tab if you are ever interested in chatting or know of others who may benefit. Thanks for stopping by.


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