Thursday, March 21, 2013

Preachers' Daughters: What are we Thinking?

 Here are some thoughts from my husband on this new "reality" show from Lifetime:

While enjoying one of our favorite TV programs- Duck Dynasty, we saw a preview for a new reality show coming to Lifetime called Preachers' Daughters. Now, I have not seen the show, and I know nothing about it outside of what I saw in the previews, but I think I saw enough. The basic concept seems to be Pastors and their daughters, who live lives inconsistent with the faith of their families and drive their pastor-fathers to distraction. Just this basic premise has caused me to stop in my tracks. When I think about what is wrong with the premise of this show, I find myself asking "where do I even start?" Well, I won't get anywhere with that, so here are a few basic thoughts in response. I'd love to interact with you about them!

            First, II Corinthians 5:17 tells us that anyone who is in Christ is a new creation. The old is passed away, everything is new. This and other verses in the New Testament (see Luke 9:23 among many others) teach us that Christianity is not a religion. It is a transformational process whereby we are changed from children of darkness into creatures of light. We are children and servants of the Most High God. He is our Father and our King, our security and the object of our awe and worship. We need more of this in the modern church. We too often settle for "cultural Christianity" that doesn't touch our everyday life in the way that the New Testament seems to indicate it should. A show like Preachers' Daughters demonstrates everything that is wrong with many professing Christians today. Not that they are not perfect in every way, but that there is a complete lack of concern for piety and depth in their walk with Christ.

            Second, is there an occupation in our society today that has lost more respect in the last generation than that of the pastor? Because I am a pastor, I see this and it cuts me to the heart.  Scandals have rocked the church, and we have all too often allowed ourselves to be caricaturized. I look around and see "preachers" who yell and scream a lot but can't exegete a text, or emotionless academics who have no clue what it's like to sit with a family who has just lost a loved one. There is little accountability and even less respect for the pastoral office. Every morning that I go to work, without fail, I at some point have Hebrews 13:17 flash through my mind. I will stand one day and give an account for how I shepherded the flock of God. I live under that burden, which weighs heavier than any other. I would challenge those sitting in the pews to joyfully take up their burden as laid out in the rest of that text.

            Finally, if a man cannot shepherd his own family, how can he ever hope to shepherd the family of God? A TV show that portrays the children of pastors running wild is a blatant display for all to see of a pastor's lack of qualification for the office that he holds. I live each day realizing that I MUST invest in my wife. I MUST teach my children. I MUST not sacrifice them on the altar of ministry or I myself will be disqualified. Now, I fully understand that each one of my kids will make his own decision about following Christ, but that does not absolve me of responsibility in raising them. 

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