Friday, April 26, 2013

Book Review for Search and Rescue by Colleen Coble and Robin Caroll

Search and Rescue follows Emily, a young girl who has a desire to grow up to work on a search and rescue team like her stepmother. She is saving towards purchasing her own puppy to begin training when a valuable necklace is stolen and she is blamed. The rest of the story fleshes out Emily's attempt to clear her name and find out who really took the necklace after all. 

The story itself is fun, readable, and well written. The authors do a nice job of capturing small town life in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and the specific challenges that come with it. A couple parts may have slightly stretched the realm of reality (in a book featuring search and rescue, it becomes necessary for an inordinate number of people to get lost and need to be found), but they did not take away from the storyline. 

Two critiques, one small and one slightly larger. One of Emily's main conflicts in the story is her fear that a legendary monster that the local tribes tell stories about might indeed be true. Even though this runs directly contrary to Emily's faith in Christ, she nonetheless struggles an inordinate amount with this for a girl who exhibits a lot of grown-up tendencies. More disturbing, and the only thing keeping me from recommending this book with absolutely no reservations, is that Emily is a little boy crazy. She is thirteen and has two major crushes in the period covered in the book. Very little is brought out about this as it relates to the Christian faith, the purpose of dating, and Biblical principles. Instead, she is simply described as a boy-crazy, typical teenage girl. If this was a secular book, that wouldn't be an issue, but doesn't Christ call us to something a little more than being just typical people? 

A good read, all things considered. 

I would give Search and Rescue 4 out of 5 stars.

I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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