Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Closet Couponer. . .Anyone?

I don't usually talk about couponing, and probably most people who know me don't have a clue that I even use coupons at all.  But that is probably for good reason.

Does anyone else get a little bit embarrassed when it comes to couponing?  

I thought it would get better as I kept doing it, but it hasn’t.

Honestly, I don’t think I embarrass all that easily, but I also don’t like any undue attention drawn to myself when I am out and about.  Some people relish finishing up a transaction only to hear the cashier say something like “you’re total is 56 cents.”  That just makes me want to crawl under a shelf or something.  I have been known to add something else to my purchase just so it isn’t too obvious that I am one of THOSE coupon people.  After all, I’m not crazy about it or anything.  But there are so many misconceptions about couponers that I would just rather get my “deals” and get out without being so noticed.

But there are moments when you just can’t help but draw attention to yourself.

One time, back when we lived in Pennsylvania I had one of those moments.

I was on my way home from work and wanted to take advantage of some of the great deals at a nearby Rite Aid.  Still in my scrubs, I took a jaunt through the store grabbing a few things (really, I NEVER clear the shelves, that is over the top) and got up to the cash register while there was nobody else in line.

Whew, I thought, I can just get this over with and get out.  

But by the time the cashier was done, there were at least 4 other people behind me (anyone else ever notice how a drugstore can go from empty to busy in a mere minute?).  Not only did I pay next to nothing. . .but the register kept printing and printing one of those super long receipts with a bunch of rewards on it.

I know some of you are drooling. 

But I know my face was probably red as can be.
I love saving money, and oddly enough when I get back into the safety of my car – I chuckle over it all, but in the moment it is awkward.

I grabbed all of my stuff and darted out to my car – when to my surprise I was being followed. 

A guy in a suit, who was obviously on his way home from work as well, stood next to my driver’s side window motioning for me to roll down the window so he could say –


You would have thought I was at Vegas and figured out how to make the slot machine dump out its entire contents.

Maybe I am just too uptight, but I don’t like being looked at like some sort of crazy coupon lady.

And maybe mixed up in all of this is my fear of becoming my mother (love you, Mom).  My mom was a couponer before couponing was cool.  We used to tease her because she kept all of her coupons in a box.  And not a pretty little organized box.  Nope.  We just hoped it didn’t get knocked over because it was certain to tip my mother over the edge (looking back I can see that we kids did our part to push her pretty close to the “edge” by ourselves).

My mom was so frugal that I can remember her returning a seedless watermelon to the grocery store. . .because it had seeds in it.  Nuff said.

So I have said it.  I get embarrassed by all of this couponing stuff sometimes.  Not enough to keep me from saving money or taking advantage of good deals, but enough.

Am I the only one?  I mean, we all like to save money, but are there others who get a twinge of discomfort at the attention we sometimes get by "mysteriously" getting all these great deals?  I would love to hear about your experiences!

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