Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Messy Monday - on Tuesday!

Sorry I am late posting this.  I had a root canal (gasp) last week and the aftermath was a bit more than I had expected.  Oh, well.  Life happens.  If you are new to messy monday then check it out here. 

Have you ever started to clean something only to get distracted with another cleaning project?  Hello!  That is the story of my life. That is the main reason I started making a daily list of "chores" that I do.  I stick to the list and don't worry about the other stuff because I know that within a week's time, it will get done.  I just have to stick to the list.  When I get a chance I will post it so if there are others who may benefit from it can enjoy. 

I will warn you.  I am an organizational freak (just ask my mom, she can't figure out where I got it from).  That is how my life stays in order, otherwise I start walking around with this feeling that I am forgetting something.  Seriously, I start out my week by filling out a weekly agenda form (that I made).  I have a little saying "if it isn't written down - I will forget it."  No, my memory isn't that bad, but it allows me to just relax knowing that everything will get done (at least at some point).  If it doesn't get done one week, it doesn't slip off my radar, it just goes on my agenda for the next week.

So, I was putting some of our kids' books away when I noticed that stuff had been falling behind the bookshelf.  So of course I had to pull it out  - and I found a treasure trove of ---------- junk.  Yeah, most of it went into the trash and I cleaned out a few cobwebs. 
Do you get cleaning only to get distracted with another cleaning project?  Leave your comments below - I love to read them.

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