Helpful Ministry Links


Life in the Ministry - Especially if you are the wife of a pastor

How much should a pastor tell his wife? - good reminder on confidentiality vs being your husband's help-meet

Is There an Office for Pastor's Wives?  - figuring out your role as a pastor's wife, check this out

The Pastor's wife is the pastor's wife  - a short article that shares real life experience of dealing with the expectations from a congregation, nothing too deep.

Battling Discouragement as a pastor's wife  - you may find yourself in a season of ministry where this could be helpful to you.

Ladies Ministries

Creative Ladies Ministries  - great place for ideas for ladies activities, Bible studies, etc

Vacations for Ministry Families

Christian Pastor Retreat - a ministry of a wonderful couple providing a cabin for pastors and their families to take a vacation. 

Frugal AND Healthy Living

Winter Sowing - learning to garden by starting seeds outdoors in milk jugs even in the winter

Ana White Free and Easy DIY Furniture Plans to Save you Money  - my husband started using her plans when he absolutely no experience using power tools or building anything and now it is his hobby (and he builds nice furniture for me)

Aldi 101 - If you don't shop at Aldi, but have never really given it a chance - I dare you to read these posts.  We love shopping at Aldi to keep within our budget for our groceries.  I had some bad experiences the first few times I went to the place that kept me from going back for years.  But once I got over it - we started saving a ton of money by shopping there.  Not to mention it saves me time by only having to shop in a very small store, with limited options, and where I know where everything is located.

Stewardship Services Foundation  - just found out about this recently from some friends, they do taxes for pastors, will update after we get our taxes finished by them :)
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